Just broke up with my girlfriend. Need advice on if I had done the right thing? Begging for advice.?

Asked: Just broke up with my girlfriend. Need advice on if I had done the right thing? Begging for advice.?

Me and my girlfriend met 2 years ago back in EMT school. I wasn't looking for love or any of that but fell completely head over heels for her. We started dating and it was incredible. I understand the whole "honeymoon phase" but it was still great. Her sister recently met a guy from New York and had been dating him ever since. For her birthday she wanted my gf and her best friend to go to New York with her to celebrate last year. THAT'S FINE, NO BIGGIE. Upon her first arrival back, all i kept hearing was how much fun she had and how late she stayed out till (which bothers me alittle) and here's where it gets serious. She kept talking about how her sisters bf's friends are the COOLEST GUYS, SO NICE, DIDN'T MAKE THEM PAY FOR ANYTHING, LIMO RIDES, whole nine yards. I am currently dealing with financial issues due to my father leaving my family and helping my mother out. So hearing all of this, i felt a little threatened by the "New York guys" I got an extra job, make more $$ and try taking her out more to fancy dinners. I wanted the same feeling she had when she went out to New York. Even though she denies money makes her happy, she loves getting treated. What woman wouldn't. After a few weeks back, i started getting nervous because whenever all or a few of the "New York guys" came in, she always felt obligated to go hang out with them. Now im nervous. I'm thinking WHAT HAS HAPPENED OUT THERE THAT MAKES THESE GUYS SOOO WONDERFUL AFTER A WEEKEND?? Im thinking these guys should mean NOTHING to her due to only being her sisters bf's friends. She doesnt owe them anything. I asked all the questions..DO YOU LIKE ONE OF THEM? DID YOU CHEAT? Answer was a shocking NO HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT?! One day, which i NEVER HAVE DONE BEFORE, checked her phone privately. I read texts between her best friend saying the following after a fight we had.
Best friend- Hey, whats up
My GF – nothing, just a litte sad, me and brandon are fighting again.
Best friend – aww well im about to cheer you up. The New York guys are coming in!!
My Gf – OMG THATS SUCH GREAT NEWS! You have made me so happy right now! My co workers are even wondering why i have such a huge smile on my face. They are such great guys and give me butterflies in my stomach. I don't have a crush on them or anything, it's just they make me so happy.
WHAT THE **** AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK AFTER THIS?!?She denies cheating, she states shes been nothing but loyal, and im the only guy for her. She just had such a great time in New York. She insists that she worded it wrong. How else can you reword that? Call it jealously or whatever, but no bf wants to see that.All in all. We almost broke up. A few weeks back, I had to endure being uncomfortable and depressed when she left yet again for New York for her sisters birthday. She promised everything was going to be ok, don't worry.she knows it bothers me but shes coming back to me. So she leaves. First few days doesn't call, text, NOTHING. Now what gf does that knowing im sitting back in Chicago depressed worrying about her. Upon her arriving back, she was soooooo tired for a few days. Now i deleted facebook so i couldnt see any pictures or anything. She insists she came home around 12-1am everyday, which i later found out it was 5-6am. Everyday was partying with the guys and her sis. I understand..vacation..have fun. JUST DON'T LIE TO ME. Last night there we had a talk about everything and she promised she was there for her sisters birthday, nothing else. Found out later that night her sister went home tired while she went out with her best friend and the New York guys until midnight. Her sister…really?. This time on her trip, it was same routine. Bottle service, clubs, limos, late night partying. At this point, i cant even see or hear anything about New York without getting sick to my stomach.So shes back home. A week ago i sat her down telling her i have not been happy for a few months now. We both promised we'll work it out. Ever since "the talk" we been going out more, being lovey dovey, everything. I decided just yesterday i wanted a Twitter. Something my gf has had but i didn't. Upon creating one, im reading "her tweets" over the last few months. Some in the past mocking me and my words during our fights joking about it with her friends and this one. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY WEEKEND IN NEW YORK. HAD A BLAST WITH THE MOST INCREDIBLE GUYS I KNOW. Keep in mind, we almost broke up about the texts last year. She admits she was wrong. She knows we're on the edge and im on my breaking point and still writes things like this KNOWING i didnt have a Twitter? STILL praising these guys behind my back? She tells me shes sorry and she was wrong. Her sister even says she dumb As for me i'm tired of it. So i broke it off last night. Tomorrow is VDAY and our 3 year is March 31. Am i doing the right thing?


You're so full of ****, your eyes are brown.But if this were true, I would say you need some serious fvcking therapy for your trust issues.If you don't find a way to get over your insecurity, NO relationship you EVER have will EVER succeed. Its pricks like you that give guys a bad reputation.Grow the fvck up!Moron.
There's more going on then she's telling you. In her words these guys are the "most increduble guys she knows"? That is just completely ignorant for her to say that when she's dating you. Whether or not something has happened (I think something has happened), it seems that something will in the future. Were you ever invited to go with her to New York?

It sucks, but I think it's time to move on. She's not ready to get serious.

Well it looked like you have been possessive about this relationship. If she kept telling you that she was just hanging out with those guys and she had fun, you should have just waited and watch and gave her some more time on this issue, because you know her for longer time and these New York guys just came in her life, and top of that these is abunch and not a particular person she is fascinated to. She just enjoyed that high life of limo rides, but if she told you that you are the one Mr. right for her, you should have trusted her and given her some more time, then you would definitely got an answer for yourself about this relationship. You said you already broke with her, I would just advise at least be her friend for some time, wait and watch, then decide. After all its your life and you need to be happy . Good luck!
Honestly this would bug me a little but.. On the other hand she's YOUR girl not there's. if she wants to go have fun with friends let her!

All your doing is pushing her to these other guys. I've been insecure a while and maybe it's too late to make things work now. But you have to trust her. Keep your insecurenes to yourself let her go do w/e. if she was screwing them I'm sure she would of not come back to you.

You got to be stronger

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