Is this my fault ? *Long * :(?

Nickki Asked: Is this my fault ? *Long * icon sad Is this my fault ? *Long * :(? ?

Before i start this my ex Matt practically lives with my friend Lacey and they've dated 4 times and she still likes him but she has made it clear that she will NEVER EVER date him again because hes a cheater and a player and she was even trying to help me and matt get back together, anyway I still kind of liked him and i went out with him once and he broke up with me cause he kissed this girl Ari *his ex before me* and its been months since our breakup and when Matt stayed the night at laceys, i also spent the night . not because i still liked him but me and lacey were planning on that for a while anywayy when we were walking around late at night shooting fireworks off *her mom was with us btw but shes cool and she was drinking anyway* and Matt was giving me a piggyback ride and when we were alone he whispered to me "I like you" and then i was like "Cool" and then he was like im gonna drop you then i was like Okay ! and then when he started to drop me he caught me then pulled me around so he was carrying me in front of him then he was like "just kidding, im not dropping you (: " and then he asked me for a kiss while we were both holding sparklers and we were at this park but then we were kind of behind and then laceys mom told us to hurry up, so i gave him a quick peck, then the next morning i took his phone and i was hiding it in my pocket pretending i didnt have it. and then he tackled me on the bed and started pinching my butt and was like "wheres my phone" *we were laughing during this whole time by the way* and then he flipped me over and then started tickling me and was like "im not stupid haha" and then i was like "(*&%#@" cause i couldnt take it and then i gave him his phone, and then later we started wrestling again because he took MY phone . then basically it was the same thing as earlier exept it lasted longer . thenn when we both went home from laceys . *we live right next to eachother* and i was like you should sneak out with me tonight (:" and then he was like "Go outside ! and only if you give me a kiss" then i was like "Kay ! fine haha just go" then when i met up with him at 1 we walked around for a bit then he wouldnt move anymore and he said"im not moving anymore i cant move" then im like "why" then hes like "I still didnt get my kiss" and so i went and stood in front of him and im likeee "well im right here" and then we were going back and fourth about who should do it then he finally kissed me, and then it was going to turn into making out but i was on the ery edge of the curb and so i fell backwards, and then he came down with me and then we started making out with me, then that same night he made out with me 6 other times too including biting my lip, and giving me a hickey. he walked me home and it was like 5 in the morning then he madeout with me one last time then as he left hes like "i love you (:" and yeahhh THEN the next morning lacey told me that he was dating Ari AGAIN, and he started going out with her the same damn night me and him spent the night at Laceys, so i told lacey what we did because i was p*ssed off and he cheated on the same girl he cheated on me with . and then he message me "so you rubbed it in laceys face that we kissed ?" and then he was calling me a ***** and told me to forget everything we ever had going on . I honestly wanted to cry but i didnt and he thinks that i told lacey to rub it in her face when she doesnt even care, and she wouldve have been mega happy if we did anyway, but i only told her so she could tell Ari what he did with me . and now Matt is all mad at me and didnt reply to my message . Soo was that the right thing for me to do was to tell lacey ? because i didnt know who else to tell without having anybody else get in this relationship drama and take it the wrong way . anyway i could really use some advice . any help is appreciated and sorry if this was confusing to read ! I didnt know how else to word it, anyways thank you all ! <3

by the way i dint know he was going out with Ari when all of this happened, and also im over and done with him since that happened but i still want to be his friend :/ i just dont know what to do, i know hes a cheater and a player soo i want be getting back with him, i know better now .


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