Is this kid an alcoholic?

Asked: Is this kid an alcoholic?

I really like this kid. He's a sophomore and I'm a freshman. But, I've never really been around drinking and he drinks a lot. My best friend and his best friend are dating , so all four of us hang out a lot. Last Saturday we went to the movies and before we all met up at his house. & we were just sitting there hanging out and he asked Nick(my friends boyfrind) if he wanted something to drink(as in alcohol) Me and my friend alyssa knew nick had to drive us to the movies and he started flipping out. He ended up not drinking it but I dont know what to do. He drinks almost every weekend and at the movies all he talked about was getting drunk. He gets upset when I bring up him drinking though. I dont know what to do. My parents know I like him, and they would flip out if they knew how much he drank. They only know hes gotten drunk once. PLEASE ADVICE! I really like him.


Please do not date him…. If he drinks like that in the TENTH grade, that's very bad… Alcohol can and will lead to very bad relationships, and commonly, physical abuse

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