Is this high school girlfriend worth it? Is she shallow? I dont know what to do please help, I need

Asked: Is this high school girlfriend worth it? Is she shallow? I dont know what to do please help, I need

I've been dating Allison since the end of last year and I dated her through the summer. Last year my father's work brought him to the United States and well I came along too obviously. I was in 11th grade at the time and 19 years old (In Uruguay, I failed some years due to troubles with drugs), but now I replaced drugs with exercise and healthy diets and I feel better.

Anyway, when I met Allison, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and she was 18!!! (So no arrests in America), we dated for a while and were happy and then the school year ended and I went back to Uruguay for the summer to see my friends. and I came back for my senior year.

Now I'm a bit concerned. She seems to be focusing quite a bit on getting intoxicated. Since school started she had taken me to 8 parties where the only reason to be there is to get "plastered" as some in the party said. She has also been smoking cigarettes. I'm not a prude as Americans call it but I did all of that a while back and it leads to nothing but pain which is why I quit it. I mean a rager every 2 weeks doesn't hurt but when you drink alone it's horrible and I suspect she is doing it.

There is also something that has been bothering me. Apparantly I have gained the reputation of the "hunk" in school. I really dislike that. The reason I have a good body is because I exercise to be healthy and during the high school soccer games I dont mind girls talking about my physique but I'm pretty sure she's trying to show me off. And honestly, I think a good body is just a sign of healthy exercise and attraction is about how well you converse (sorry bad english) with someone, Im very uncomfortable with her trying to show me off as "the hottest guy in school", i honestly find that shallow. I mean I think she's beautiful, but I wouldn't go back to Uruguay and say "oh look at my hot gilr"!

I'm getting worried she might be turning shallow. and so many other things are worrying me. I really wish I hadn't left for the summer. She's a magnificent and intelligent person but she's changed. and I think she's doing drugs. I'm not sure thought. But what I am sure thought is that she's drinking heavily and not just at parties and she is smoking cigarettes which is so disgusting and unhealthy.

I'm at a crossroads. I really don't know what to do. I really think I could love this girl, but the way I want to live my life is not the way she's living her life right now. Mentally and Physically.

Could I get some opinions on my situation.


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