Is this going to be Creepy or romantic?

Jon Asked: Is this going to be Creepy or romantic?

Heres the quick summary i met this girl at work a few weeks ago, she works in a different department we exchanged numbers and right from the get go she told me she wasnt looking to date now, she had bad past expieriences. Weve been talking for the most part everyday now, and flirt off and on, shes told me im the niceest guy shes met etc etc. She seems interrested but doesnt want to date, i understand this and really dont want to ruin it , she knows i like her, but i just keep feeling like i should try and woo her or something, i think it might be a bit much and probably come off as creepy, but i was thinking of putting a rose on her car at work before she got off her shift. would this be too creepy and make the friendship weird? or do you think she would find it cute? just need some advice, im a hopeless romantic.


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