Is this car worth more because of the dent?

Asked: Is this car worth more because of the dent?

I'm just sort of asking out of curiosity – not really seriously:
The car in question ia a 1984 Subaru GL station wagon. It's gone now but I still wonder about this. The right front door was dented in after the wrestler "Bam Bam Bigelow" kicked it. And yes, I'm sure it was him. We have a common friend.
Apparently he wasn't a very good drag racer because he lost a street drag race to me and my Subaru many years ago. He is a sore looser too. He eventually passed me, having a more powerful Dodge Ram pickup, stopped, got out and kicked my door as I slowly passed. I certainly wasn't about to challenge him hand to hand. But I eventually sold the car, dent and all, and never mentioned the origin of the dent. Bam Bam has now gone to the great squared circle in the sky and it's common knowledge that an artist's work is always more valuable after his demise. Do you think I could have gotten more for the car?


Answered: vote for this girl. she is an orphan and is trying to win a contest, thanks(:

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