is malcom floyd worth keeping?

Asked: is malcom floyd worth keeping?

my team:
1qb, 3wr, 2rb, 1te, 1flex w/r/t, k, DEF, D,D,DB,DB,DL,DL
peyton, carson
malcom floyd, welker, nicks, antonio brown, julian edelman, randall cobb
ray rice, reggie bush, david wilson, daniel thomas, tashard choice
kyle rudolph, jermaine gresham

his team:
romo, josh freeman
steve smith(car), bowe, wayne, nate burleson
mccoy, charles, deangelo williams, ryan williams, pierre thomas
vernon davis, martellus bennett

i offered him malcom floyd and carson for ryan williams and bowe.
only trade he is willing to go through with is floyd and carson for ryan williams and martellus bennett.

is floyd worth keeping? i dont really want bennett b/c i have nicks and i'm not sold on bennett's upside. i want ryan williams since beanie is out for season. should i take floyd elsewhere?


Floyd's decent but you get Bowe who's way better and Williams who is the premier back at least until November because Beanie is on IR, plus you don't really need Carson.

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