Is it possible i was in love?

Asked: Is it possible i was in love?

So this is gonna be kind a long so please stick with me : D
So i was 14 and so was she, she was the friend of a friend and we first talked on myspace LMFAO…
This is back 5 years ago mind you, i really liked her alot, but i wasnt brave enough to tell her and the months went by and we talked everyday, but eventually she started dating this kid, we continued to talk while they dated but it wasnt the same, but i waited still, when they broke up I tried desperately to rekindle the spark but it seemed dead, she then began dating this kid when we were 16 who she fell for very hard, then when we were 17 they broke up and for the first time in years i saw hope for us again, ( i was really stuck on this girl), we began talking and then it happened, one night we began talking about us again : D it was the best night of my life and i thought it was gonna lead somewhere but the next day it felt like nothing had and she had somehow dismissed it all, fast foward two years now …. I think i loved her and i cant move on its bad im not a creep or anything its just i felt sucha connection when we talked, i never even kissed her but i think i was beyond in love with her and everytime i hear the song ik cheesy fall for you i still stop and get teary eyed, how do i stop this, dating others is so hard cause i base them around her and ik i shouldn't do that….plz leave your advice and no theres no chance of me ever getting back with her to much has flowed under our bridge its done


Tell her how you feel , maybe she feels the same. Maybe she is just like you and what you are doing , like maybe she loves you and doesn't know you love her. You should tell her how you feel , etc and if she loves you back then go for it and if she says no or rejects you then move on , trust me it is hard to move on but after you do , and after you find a right girl it will be better

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