Is it okay for me to date a senior?

Asked: Is it okay for me to date a senior?

Im a freshman and hes a senior we really like eachother and im smart enough to not do the illegal stuff people warn me about he doesnt smoke nor do i and we both drink very very minimal im 14 and hes 16 our birthdays are right by eachother so were technically yea about to be 15 and 17 hes mature and im mature id rather go out with him than a little wannabe kid im also not a whore i havent had a boyfriend in five years although i have been asked out plenty of times i think its okay as long as i dnt hav sex with him wich i assure everyone i wont -.- advice? Thanks to all answers:))


Yeah, that's fine…..
Okay, yes.Will it last, no.Why?He will be going off to college within a year and will want to hook up with college girls once he gets there.Trust me, every male college freshman wants to.
Yes, of course iy is okay. It is all based on levels of maturity. For example it wouldnot be okay for a 20 year old to date a 10 year old becaues the 10 year old would not be mature enough for that relationship. But a two year differnce dont wory about it.

Hope this was helpfull:)

its only 2 years, and if your parents are okay with it then yes of course. icon smile Is it okay for me to date a senior? in my opinion, age is just a number. TO AN EXTENT. my mom and her (soon to be divorced) husband are 13 years apart. that's too much. but i've dated a lot of guys 2 years older than me. infact, the guy i'm inlove with right now is 2 years older than me.
goodluck, and i wish you the best. icon smile Is it okay for me to date a senior?
If you're careful with drinking, that should be okay.People might give you crap about it.Just protect yourself, because older guys that go for younger girls tend to be not serious.That's just my experience.
It's not a problem at all. Later in life, a 2 or 3 year separation in age won't matter inany way.
ya why not?
just dont change for him
That's okay:) age is just a number!! Good luck:) answer
You're immature yourself, before you go around calling people your age immature, look at yourself.

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