Is it normal to change this much?

Asked: Is it normal to change this much?

When I was little, I was a handful. I was always getting into trouble, and I had behavior problems. It got to the point where I had to go to a mental hospital when I was in second grade. But they gave me some meds that did a chemical re-balance to help me control my impulses. I was also kind of promiscuous for my age. The first time I french kissed a guy, I was in third grade, and it was all my idea.

I really started to calm down in middle school. I got in a lot less trouble, but I was still talkative and social. But then when I got in high school, it's like I did a 180. I turned shy, and almost anti-social at one point. I didn't have a bf almost all throughout high school, I completely stayed out of trouble (no drinking or doing drugs), and I didn't have very many friends (just one bff). I was also very active in church, and I was planning on waiting until marriage to have sex. In fact, I was dead set on waiting, and not because anyone else was telling me to.

Now I'm a senior. Then beginning of my senior year was normal, but things have changed again. I don't go to church anymore (well, that was for reasons outside of my control). I kind of have a group of friends I hang out with. I feel more confident. And then in January, I started dating one of my co-workers. That's when things really started to change again. It was like that promiscuity I'd had when I was little had been building up over the years, or something. Basically, within a month of dating my bf, we'd done almost everything except actual sex, and the only reason I hadn't lost my virginity was because he wanted to wait. But I finally lost it earlier this week. I don't regret it at all. Though, it was weird when my bff (who lost her virginity, and had had plenty of bfs before me) asked me for sex advice the other day. Just last year, she would apologize for even talking about sex near me.

I don't really know what I'm asking. I guess: Is this normal? Sometimes, I don't even know who I am.


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