Is it just time for divorce?

Asked: Is it just time for divorce?

Just asking for somewhat advice, no rudeness. My husbandhas always been secure. I figured once we got married things would change… Nope. I give him my lassie words to everything, I cheat, lie or hide ANYTHING from him. I don't work everyday so I do say up past him sometimes & he gets really mad ( that's what happened last night) wel before that he was reading old messages from 4 years ago when we weren't even dating from people I talked from college, flirted with, none of them were sexual. So I deleted all the messages right next him. He said I kept things from him ( I didn't keep them from him because I gave him my password) I just can't live this way. Now, he said he would t feel comfortable having sex with for a while.. Do you think there is someone else? I've done everything I can for this relationship, & I'm just at te end. He has been so mean and nasty to me lately. This isn't the man I wanted to marry. Please help icon sad Is it just time for divorce?


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