Is he my boyfriend? Or just a casual fling?

Asked: Is he my boyfriend? Or just a casual fling?

So me and this guy-let's call him Mark- have spent 3 days together. About 5 hours each day, only missing one day (New Year's Eve). We kiss and talk and I've met his parents, we hold hands in public, I've stayed over for dinner. He saw a text from a guy who was trying to date me and responded saying that I wasn't interested. (With my permission, of course.)

But I don't know where we stand. I want to ask, but how would I bring that up? Can I refer to him as my boyfriend? I'm just so confused.

We haven't agreed to see only each other, but the way he reacted about the other guy makes me think that that is what he expects. I have no problems with that, but I want to know what else he expects. I've let him go no farther than making out simply because he isn't my boyfriend and that doesn't feel right. But maybe he is?

And I want to make it Facebook official. Lol. But that's a small part of a pretty big issue.

Any advice?


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