Is confidence actually attractive to women?

Asked: Is confidence actually attractive to women?

Many pickup artists say that confidence is the key to being an alpha male, but that sounds like a laughable con. I mean, you can't have sex with confidence; you can't fall in love with confidence; you can't cuddle up next to confidence. So, is confidence really the key with women, or is it the lie it probably is?


I wouldn't say it's a key to a relationship. But it does help out.
We definitely enjoy a man with confidence. In fact we're more attracted to them. But never get too confident, a woman will take that as *********. But confidence is mostly important at the initial meet.
In my eyes, It depends on how confident males are. I don't find overly confident behaviour attractive at all. People like this tend to think that they are better than everyone else, are cocky, or generally have a big ego and high self importance.
It's attractive when they can act like themselves around you rather than be reclusive and not very talkative although if you are overly confident and think you're hot **** then that's the most unatteactive thing ever in my opinion
It's true that confidence doesn't solve everything, but it definitely helps get you in sometimes.A lot of women like a guy to be in charge, and confidence obviously helps you to achieve that.Also people in general like things to be clear when it comes to dating.For example, I hate it when guys beat around the bush about their feelings for me.I like it when a guy is confident enough to ask me out and tell me that he's interested.

That being said, some girls like to be dominant, and some girls like to play the game.And as you said, these things don't make or break how a person and a relationship truly is.

Confidence helps you make healthy choices for yourself and a relationship. Without a good level of confidence, a relationship will be dragged on by fear and being dependant on the person, this is especially not attractive when it is coming from a male, he can turn into some who is controlling and manipulative.

A relationship is a reflection of yourself. You can still attract women without confidence.You can attract needy and desperate women.
Confidence is the key in attracting confidant women.

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