Using Irresistible Masculine Energy To Attract Women

bond 300x300 Using Irresistible Masculine Energy To Attract Women

A strong masculine energy will automatically attract feminine women. Just like the opposite ends of a magnet, masculine and feminine attract each other.. This is a powerful force that can’t be stopped. And since most beautiful women are feminine, projecting a masculine vibe is the best way to attract lots of them.

All this “energy” talk sounds kinda esoteric, huh? Well, it doesn’t matter because once you understand what it is you can purposely project masculine strength or even develop it and see the RESULTS in real life.

franklymydear 300x233 Using Irresistible Masculine Energy To Attract Women

Masculine energy is the vehicle of focus and accomplishment. It analyzes the obstacles, overcomes them, and moves towards a goal, ignoring all distractions. It is expressed when you have a clear direction in life, a definite purpose, and are moving towards it with confidence.

If you don’t know what to do in life, are always changing your mind, are passive, shy away from challenges, avoid verbal conflict, and don’t take opportunities to lead then your masculine energy is weak.

clooney 300x300 Using Irresistible Masculine Energy To Attract Women

Here’s how to magnify and project your masculine energy so women can feel it and be irresistibly drawn to you!

1. Create a daily schedule

2. Create a diet and stick to it

3. Make a workout plan and stick to it

4. Set daily, monthly, yearly, and 5 year goals

5. Cut through all obstacles and REACH your goals!

Remember: Masculine strength is felt and expressed through self-discipline, knowledge of purpose, and movement towards goals with clarity.

David Gideon

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