Inside Look At the Deception in Mainstream PUA Workshops: Overview (Video 1/x)

These videos expand on this discussion- 00:00 Introduction 00:20 Our 2 year history in the PUA Community, as "students" / "coaches" 01:20 What is a Pickup Artist Workshop? 02:15 I was personal trainer/nutrition for some of these guys, people that worked in marketing for them, we both have an insider look at what goes on in the PUA Community. 03:55 How the fuck did Scotty and I find the "community"? 04:35 The main reason that the mainstream PUA community isn't credible = 90% of authorities don't get laid… ever. 05:30 There is no competition among PUAs, they all promote each other, they all know each other, discuss marketing techniques and techniques to deceive inexperience guys 07:30 90% of mainstream PUA get NO ass. ~100% don't get high-quality aka sexy women 09:10 Every Friday and Saturday night (in 2009-2010) you can find 2-4 mainstream pickup workshops going on at the SAME spots in Hollywood.

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