In a long-term relationship, but I have a crush on my manager?

Asked: In a long-term relationship, but I have a crush on my manager?

Can I get some advice?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years and we are very much in love and committed to each other. We've discussed marriage openly and comfortably on several occasions. I can't tell you how happy I feel about becoming his wife and building a family with him someday!

I've had crushes before while dating my boyfriend but they always fade away. I think about my manager even while I'm with my boyfriend. We flirt at work and while we text. Once I got a hug and I thought my heart was going to leap right out of my throat! It's not my actions but my feelings that are making me feel guilty, like I'm cheating on my boyfriend! I will check the schedule to see if we are working together and if we are, I will spend more time on my hair or makeup than usual…

He does not have the easiest life (crush). No car, house and no ambition really. I picked him up and brought him to church once hoping the Lord would speak to his heart and he would get help. Is this pity?

I want to be a friend to him, truly. I just think about kissing him too.

I am praying to God that these will go away – I don't want to do something stupid like act on them and hurt my boyfriend. I could never see myself in a long-term relationship with my manager anyway, so why am I entertaining the idea of being with him?

I'm telling myself that I just care a lot about him (which I do, genuinely) and that the romantic feelings will subside. I want to stay good friends with my manager but I don't want to lead him on or feel guilty for liking him too much. Am I changing? Is what I want in life changing? I don't wanna fall out of love. I hope this is normal like everyone says.


Just remember how much you love your boyfriend and think about that when you start to have feelings

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