In a guys oppinion! advice please?

Asked: In a guys oppinion! advice please?

okay so my ex of 16 months that i have a daughter with, him and i broke up 4 months ago he's married to a girl that he had been dating a month they've been married a month.
he claims he is over me and has no feelings and that he is really in love with his wife.
he still wants to buy me things. if i text him and tell him i need something he will give me money to get it for example i was just playing around yesterday and asked him if he could buy me shoes for school and he asked me how much money i needed to get them. he called me friday to see what size diapers the baby wore then he asked me if i needed anything that he wouldnt mind getting stuff for me.

his wife doesn't like me she never has. i've never talked to her or met her or ever given her a reason to not like me. last tuesday he wrecked her jeep and she told him she didnt want him driving anywhere he hasn't seen his daughter in over a week , yesterday he had to take his wife to work and pick her up and he ended up getting pulled over. he don't have a licenses and is here in the u.s illegaly. she wont let him see his daughter unless she brings him to see her. and he told me that he would have her bring him to my house drop him off and pick him back up. i don't trust his wife being around out daughter thats why he either comes to my house or i meet him somewhere.
is he starting to regret marrying her and breaking up with me, and not over me or is he just trying to be nice, should i accept the things he wants to do for me or just run


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