I’m sorry this is so long. But I need advice! Help?

Asked: I’m sorry this is so long. But I need advice! Help?

One of my closest friends from my childhood started acting really weird. I don't know what it means and I'm really confused.we saw a movie once together and she kept on rubbing her leg against mine. She always does eye contact, touches my hand a lot, pulls me by it, and writes on it. When my hand gets cut or injured, she washes it for me. -she touched my strap once.-before an exam I kinda cheated and wrote 2 formulas on my hands. She took it and "studied" from it, instead of the book. drinks from my coke and hands it back. She used to hug me often, and onceshe took my jacket and left a note "I took your jacket =)" to listen to music in class. On valentines I asked her if she's with anyone and she said "single and proud, baby! I do trust you so when I have a crush ill tell you icon wink Im sorry this is so long. But I need advice! Help? "
But sometimes she:teases me, takes my phone, throws water on me, hits me lightly,pushes me against the wall, scratches/pinches my hands, ripped my shirt once from below in school. We used to argue a lot and she told my friend shes starting to dislike me but when i asked her she said "i never hated you, i started to dislike you because if our constant fights but i love you!" when we made up she said "I swear I love you like a sister and it's okay our fights just brought us closer <3" She has this friend who always makes fun of us dating, which gets me mad because I'm straight. She just laughs and says "get over it. just a joke." When we went out with a bunch of friends, her perverted friend was like "why don't you guys go alone on the Ferris wheel? It'll be romantic". Once I got mad and pushed her perverted friend, she came and slapped me.
Then a rumor spread that we're dating and we got in trouble at school. So she said she can't be friends because our parents were against it. She gave the principle notes I had sent her and accused me of harassing and stalking her. She changed after the rumor and took it as an advantage to get popular and act all 'cute' with guys and girls. Whenever I was with a guy, she interfered. The first time she kept on telling him to break up with me every time she saw him. (They weren't even friends). The second time she asked "ew who's that guy in your twitter wallpaper?" I said "my boyfriend" and she's like "you think Kyle is hot? You blind, man?"She says she hates me and doesn't care about me, and she says "get over it. We're not friends." And always tries to fight with me and hurt me. She talks **** that i would date any guy to cover up the fact that im inlove with her. A.She ignores me and talks to me in a really bitchy way now. Once she saw me talking to her little cousin, she got mad and told him not to talk to me because I hit her and that I'm bad. After fighting for about a year, she apologized and asked if we can get back friends. I agreed, and on the first day of school the principle called us in to talk to us. after we left the office. she looked at me and said twice "wow, did you see that? he called us lesbians indirectly!
he said we're bi".
two weeks later on my birthday she posted aa really cutetext on Instagram wishing me happy birthday. But at the end of the night, she told me we can't be friends again because she changed her mind and her brother doesnt want us too. In exams, she still asks me for a calculator, stares at me, looks at me from the corner of her eye in class, gets mad when I'm with guys or girls, and talks to me in a really bitchy way. Something thats creepy is that she writes exactly like me. she holds the pen the same way i do, because i write in a different way, by pressing to hard. The other day I called her name and stretched out my hand, she's like "what's on your hand?" Then she held it and walked away. We're not even friends and whenever I ask her for something, she rolls her eyes and she's so damn bipolar.
My friends think she has a crush on me and she's trying to cover it up, but that's weird because she pushes me away and acts bitchy. She's Muslim though and after the rumor people in our school think we dated. And currently shes best friends with 2 of my old ex best friends. Please answer. I have no one to talk to icon sad Im sorry this is so long. But I need advice! Help?


Does she like blowing things up?

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