Im so hurt pleaseee I need advice ?

Jasmine Asked: Im so hurt pleaseee I need advice ?

im so hurt i need help pleaaseeee need advice?
My ex and I were together for 5 months … like around a month he started to be arrogant gave actitud for no reason we broke up like 2 weeks ago and he reclaimed that someone told him I said dating was a mistake so he started to ignored me and playing and talking with a friend of us who in fact is the crush of my ex best friend … so I told who ever said that was a lier we went back together but he was distant and didn't show interest …plus I work and I'm a honor student he didn't even care about it plus we never had sex I respect myself didn't even value me… since he started to be distant I did the same I didn't text or call because I won't be behind someone who doesn't show that he cares… then yesterday he called saying that I'm distant and I don't care about the relationship I never cared I just cared about myself … like are u serious??? He was distant with and now he blames why I'm distant ?? Plus he treat me like nothing!!! So I said the best thing is just everyone take its own way we don't understand each other … he just I can't waste my time and I won't die for it and we agree not to be enemies…. today I saw him in church and he ignored me … he started hugging the girl once I told him to keep distant from her but he hugged her in front of me… like seriously?? Then he posted on facebook how happy he is now !!! What did I do??? How do I handle this I will keep seeying him because we go to the same church and I don't want stop going just because of him but it hurts me so much icon sad Im so hurt pleaseee I need advice ? plus something else he told that it was a lie that someone told him I said it was a mistake … why would he do that??? What did I do wrong?? Plus he seems he doesn't care ..what can I do?? What di I do??


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