I’m a conservative Christian guy waiting ’til marriage. Chances of being alone for life?

Asked: I’m a conservative Christian guy waiting ’til marriage. Chances of being alone for life?

Firstly, let me apologize for the length of this; I tend to go into a lot of detail, perhaps too much, but I like to get my perspective across as clearly as possible.

I'm 21, in college (Went to University for a time; it was horrible for many reasons), and have been single my whole life, partly by choice, but definitely partly not. I have Asperger's Syndrome, but a fortunately mild case; doesn't make things any easier, certainly not relating to love. So, I decided to do something about that situation, and got a dating advice book (It was a book for pickup artists, frankly, which isn't my thing, but the info was very good), which totally changed my outlook on dating and love. Thing is, the info that it provided concluded quite convincingly (Good scientific logic processes employed) that girls are looking for sexual guys, and very well may get bored if those needs are not being met by a guy, as they are likely used to not going without (Pardon my aversion to the word, but I imagine you know what I'm referencing).

The people I've met haven't really been improving my outlook. Ideally, I'd been hoping for a girl that shared my values, but, well, that idea's all but gone. At the University, met an awful lot of people bitterly opposed to Christianity, and certainly no shortage that were into experimentation relating to sexuality. Felt almost oppressed under the weight of all of their views, like I would be judged brutally in a heartbeat if I let slip my views. College is better; the people are more level headed, less arrogant, and more open minded… But they're certainly not waiting 'til marriage. There was a school survey done, and 98% had said they'd had at least one partner, with very few people being married, and a small percentage of people having upwards of 50 partners. I'm not into drinking, smoking, or drugs either; boring, perhaps, but I figure if this is the way I'm living my life, I should be consistent as much as I'm able. Those are all things that, ideally, I want in a partner, but I realize that's an unrealistically high expectation.

So, in summary, I've got firm values and cannot, for the life of me, find anyone that lives up to them, never mind a decently attractive girl that I'm compatible with (Which would be a rare enough thing for anyone with Asperger's). I'm settling into the notion that I'll most likely spend the rest of my life alone, but a second opinion would be welcome, hence the question:

Given all that, how likely am I to end up alone for life?


85 % chance you will.because honestly whos going to wait that long until sex when they want to see how good they are in bed ? they want to see if its worth it getting it on.
You really shouldn't be worrying about if you're going to "end up alone" or not. It's not very practical. Your main goal in all of this should be to be happy, so if you find someone you're not compatible with, you shouldn't stay with her, even if you're concerned about ending up alone. Just keep looking. Try out a dating site or two. Go out a little. Just don't be so worried about the end and do whatever makes you happy. Who knows, maybe God never intended you to be married anyway.
I think your looking in the wrong places, maybe try meeting a nice girl at church who shares the same morals and values as you she's out there you just have to keep looking, love is like a video game you keep playing it until you reach your goal.
where have you been all my life? lol
Way too much to read so I didnt read it truth is if you want god to bless u dan wait cause I just wanna f a girl so badly n feel 100 % comfortable its just I want god to bless me in my life but its more dan sex for gods blessing u gotta live a pure n holy life the holier the more blessed

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