I’m 23 with Social Anxiety (Especially Around Guys I’m Attracted to) Is there any hope? 10pts?

Asked: I’m 23 with Social Anxiety (Especially Around Guys I’m Attracted to) Is there any hope? 10pts?

I'm a girl in my early 20's, who's never dated before or anything. People say I'm attractive so I know my lack of experience with guys is due mostly to low self-confidence and my social anxiety. Anyway, I've noticed that whenever I interact with guys, especially those who intimidate me somehow (attractive, tall, etc.) they seem to like sense my nervousness and sort of smile to themselves/smirk and come in my personal space, stare at me a lot, starting convos with me, etc.

This might be considered "hitting on" me I guess, and you'd think I'd be flattered by this but I'm not. In fact I get a lot anxiety from even the simplest conversations with attractive guys my age, because I'm a bad conversationalist. I can only exchange a sentence or two with them before I start making a fool out of myself by stuttering, saying something stupid, or worse blanking out and just staring dumbly.

I wish I could be smoother with guys and actually be able to have a proper conversation with them, and exude confidence. The odd thing is no matter how many conversations I've had and messed up in, I never seen to improve. It's like something's terribly wrong with me.

How do I become calmer and become more confident when around the opposite sex? And do you have any advice on being a better conversationalist because I'm terrible and it affects my self-esteem and confidence. I've become very depressed over it, and feel like I'll be alone the rest of my life.


the only way to overcome this, is to maybe practice i get social anxiaty with people i dont really know..
mainly girls because i see them as 'bitchy people' and that would probley see me as weird or 'dont talk to her shes not right' kinda thing, ive had alot more confidence talking to guys, but with you if guys are the problem just talk to them how you would around girls.. just less of the girly talk. be your self. guys usely dig girls anyway, you may find once you become use to it its easier to talk to guys then girls! just dont assume all guys want to be in your pants' if they give off that impression they arnt worth it, and you move on to finding someone better. because if you was to go bed with them and you have confidence problems.. sleeping with them wont help you!

do simple tasks on dates like going out for a meal, just be somewere were you can be comfatable with yourself. or try talking to them online first see what there intrests are and what theyre like..
it might help you to be more confident..just try not to have it in your head that the guy 'doesent like you' you dont know until you try icon smile Im 23 with Social Anxiety (Especially Around Guys Im Attracted to) Is there any hope? 10pts? xx

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