I’m 17, my girlfriend is almost 16. We’ve been dating for 7 months now. Help?

Confused Asked: I’m 17, my girlfriend is almost 16. We’ve been dating for 7 months now. Help?

My girlfriend has grown up with Christian beliefs in abstinence. I completely side with her in not having sex before marriage. I respect the fact she doesn't want to have sex… and i've talked to her about more things that are more physical than making out but not classified as 'sex.' But that's not the main reason i'm here. I can cope with this because of respecting and loving her. But we barely make physical contact at all except for holding hands and kissing once goodnight. We haven't made out in a month… She says she believes a relationship should 75% emotional and 25% physical. I can somewhat relate but I stand at about 66.6%/33.3%. Not much of a difference. But we stand at about 190/10 at the moment. I've tried talking to her and she doesn't like talking about our physical relationship. I just need help and advice. I just want to be able to make out with my girlfriend like at least once every 2 weeks or so. I believe she would be happy without making out at all….but as of now… im just stressed about it.. I have needs.. that I've been keeping under control for her… I honestly want to have sex with her… but I don't even think or worry about it. I just want a little more physical attention.. not to much to ask for… right? What should I do?


Danny Answered:
Talk to her about it.
Jessica Answered:
The physical part of the relationship is just as important. Talk to her about it. If she can't give you what you want then you guys should part ways. Its nice that you two respect each others morals but when there is little physical contact then thats really bad.
SJC Answered:
Sounds like all you care about is sex, bro. 7 months is a while, but its not THAT long. Wait for a year, then buy her a necklace or something. Show her ow much you care.

Relationships are not all about sex and kissing. Now, her not wanting to make out seems like an issue to me, but be lucky you have her and respect her needs,m instead of trying to throw the physical attribute of the relationship all over her every chance you get. I mean she is right, about the physical and emotional part, but it should be more like 75 emotional, and 25 physical.

Just respect her needs man and don't rush her. Stop with the number garbage, and give her, her space.

Get REAL. but, good luck. Remember, be lucky you have her. The more you push it on her, the more she may feel rushed/pushed and break up with you. I've seen it happen before. Just a warning…

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