Idk what’s going on anymore?

Asked: Idk what’s going on anymore?

me and my ex dated for about 4 months. he called me every single day and was always asking me to hang out. the first time we hung out we did sleep together and that was 100% initiated by me. I felt it was right and in the moment. after we hung out he texted me telling me he missed me and how i have a smile that brightens up his day. he told me he told his friend how amazing i was. he was always talking about future plans and how he was excited about what this is/what it's going to be. he was having trouble finding a job and i would give him advice and he said "you know when your day couldn't get any worse and then someone comes along and makes everything better..and you just wanna give them the world? that's you everyday..i really really like you" he asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of june. i met his family, he met mine.

in the middle of july, he enlisted in the military. he broke up with me at the end of august because he was supposed to be leaving for boot camp in january and didn't see a point in having the relationship. he would call me everyday since the break up, told me he missed. we decided to exclusively date but he didn't want the title because he wanted to take things slowly. he said "i'm the problem, trust me i would never lead you on..i'm afraid of falling in love and getting hurt" he was in a bad 5 year relationship where his ex cheated on him. i was eating dinner over his house with his family again, etc.

everything seemed to be going really well until one week he was distant because he was focusing on getting a job so he didn't have to join the military. He kept making excuses to why he couldn't hang out. I brought him a coffee one day and he said it was weird and it was bf gf status and that's not what we are, even though he asked me to go on a cruise the week before. He told me he's not focused on me and him his feelings changed. A week later hes in a new relationship.

1. Did he have feelings for me?
2. Why did his feelings change


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