I want to make out with this girl?

Asked: I want to make out with this girl?

we have been friends for about almost a year now and I really like her she knows but I have not yet asked her out. I like her because she is beautiful,edgy,smart,nice(at least to me when she is not being edgy),real not a fake *** hoe like soem girls and just all round pretty awesome. I like all of these things about her and we used to hugg and she asked me for a kiss while she had a boyfriend, so I said I cant kiss you that would be cheating on you boyfriend she said okay. And she hasnt tried to again scinse then its been like 4-5 months but we have hung out alot scince then, and I really cant tell if she likes me back. And the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about how awesome it would be if we made out I think she is really cute, and i wanna do more with her like date and make out and……some other stuff not yet im 13 she is 14 tho, and she dumped this guy last year because he tried to ask her for sex so she said NO and dumped him any tips or advice or pearls of wisodom!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? to help me ask her out or tell if she likes me or if we do date when she wants to make out and/or do more
4 hours ago
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Additional Details

Max we were in mzths yesterday afternoon and most of the lesson she was playing with her hair flicking it joking about eating it and playing with iteven though we wernt nessisarly talking for that time


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