i really need guy advice? :(?

Asked: i really need guy advice? icon sad i really need guy advice? :(? ?

Okay, so its kind of a long story but I need advice on this guy. First of all, ill tell you our age and grade, and I also don't need any hate. I'm a girl and I'm in 10th grade and just turned 15, he's in 8th grade and turning 14 soon. I know, young. but I'm not the type that takes advantage of guys so yea. okay so I started liking him like 2 months back. and I told my friend and 2 weeks ago (on a Friday), she asked him if he liked anyone and he said he kind of liked me. so the following week it was Thanksgiving break but we had school on Monday. so she told him that I like him and she also said to think about me and yea you know. then when break ended which was this week. she went up and asked him if he thought about it and he said yes and that he likes me. so oufcourse he told all his friends, like any other guy would. my friend told him that he should ask me out and he's like okay. so this whole week my friend and his friends have been trying to get him to ask me out, but he keeps avoiding it. this is where I need help. I keep thinking that he doesn't like me cus he's been avoiding me like crazy this whole week, we would hug sometimes , now nothing, and he barely says hi now. does he not like me? or what? cus I asked my friend why he won't talk to me and his friends said that he's nervous and scared. I don't know guys? does he like me? cus I really like him. thanks icon smile i really need guy advice? :(?

but see the thing is, that my brother is his friend & my brother didn't know that I liked him. so every time he asked my brother if I liked him my brother said no ( even though he asked 2 of my other friends and they both said yes). today he asked my brother again and he told my brother that my friend told him that I liked him, my brother said it was a joke, because i would never date him. so in return what he says is " oh its probably be weird if I date her right? ill just reject her" idk my friend says hes emberassed because my brother said that i would never date him. but i take it as a sign of him not liking me.


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