I really need advice! What should I do? I love a girl who’s dating a guy?

Asked: I really need advice! What should I do? I love a girl who’s dating a guy?

I need advice! I want to know if you when through the same as I am right now.
By the way. I'm a 17yr old girl. She's 18.
I'm going to try and keep this short as possible. Me and a girl that I met through my best friend had a 'thing' going on. It started last year of march. It would stop for a few months and happen again. We made out a lot of times, we did all that couple things, you know? Like hold hands, cuddle, flirt, have deep conversations, spend time with each other. Stuff like that. We really didn't consider our selfs in a relationship because we were more friends than friends with benefits. In July we stopped talking to each other because we just didn't get along anymore. But then on December everything went back to normal as if nothing happen. During the time we didn't talk she was dating a boy.( claimed she was straight -_-) it didn't really bother me cause I had forgotten about her. It had been a while since we talk so I guess I didn't even care. January is when we went back to it. We kissed for the first time since June on January. I kissed her first but she kissed back and texted me that day she really wanted to kiss me. She told me 1 week ago. That she feels differently when girls kiss her(I'm the only girl she kissed) she told me that she loves me, that she hates it when I'm talking about other people. And after all this time she finally admitted to me last week that she's Bi. But she's afraid to like girls cause it's not normal. And that she's afraid what her mom would think of her. She kissed me that day(she has a bf) and told me she's been wanted to do that again. Me and her have this crazy conncetion. It's like we always go back to it. We can't help it. Last night everything changed. I asked her what are we considered. So I realized at the moment that what I was doing was stupid. She had told me before that she's in a serious relationship and that she really loved her boyfriend. But I didn't take her serious because why would she do all the things she did with me? Why would she tell me all those things? I thought she would leave him for me. But at the movement I knew she wouldn't. And I asked her too. And she said she loves him. Right now I'm so heartbroken than ever before. This girl has hurt me so many times. But this is the deepest of all. I just don't know what to do anymore. Should I wait and she of she would come back? You think she would come back? Or should I just move on.


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