I really like this guy but…. :/ please help?

Asked: I really like this guy but…. :/ please help?

So hey I really like this guy, let's call him jack (not his real name) he's really sweet and funny and I love hanging out with him!
First problem: he's half my size :/
Second problem: I think he only sees me as a friend
Third problem: my best friend let's call her Nicole (again not her name) met him after me and started talking to him on face book and he asked her out
I always give her advice on what to do so it's more like I'm dating him even though it doesn't feel that way. She doesn't like him as much as I do and I've never seen them talk face to face it's always been texting and facebook messaging she doesn't even wanna hug him. People are Gunna tell me not to mess with the relationship but what can I do? I really like him and their relationship is so awkward. Should I tell him how I feel? Should I tell her how I feel? What!? Im finding it hard to be around her as she talks about him alot. :/ please help xxx ps sorry it's so long :/


Talk to your friend about their relationship if she seems really interested then tell her how you feel about him honestly and then let the relationship run it's course if she is not that into him then tell her how you feel about him and then when/if they break up talk to jack and tell him you liked him for a long time

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