I need some advice on my boyfriend is he cheating or doing drugs?

Hannah Asked: I need some advice on my boyfriend is he cheating or doing drugs?

Ok, so.. my boyfriend and me have been dating almost two months, he has been hanging out with his best friend a lot more than he used to (His best friend does drug an my boyfriend said he USED to) but, when he spent the night(Sunday night and he was with him all day Monday) he started acting really weird when i saw him Tuesday(he wasn't talking much, seemed tired, and just different..) But, he went to the mall with:
His best friend
His best friends girlfriend
His best friends sister
One of his other friends (Who used to date his best friends sister, but they are both dating someone else now. I'm not sure if they went with them or not.)

I feel like he might be cheating on me with his best friends sister because she is very rude to me. i've met her like three times and she has never even said "Hi" to me she just looks at me like she hates me… But i also think he might be on drugs again (He knows i wouldn't talk to him anymore if i found out he was doing drugs again so he wont tell me even if i asked him)

What do you think? How will i know if he is doing something behind my back? Thanks!


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