I need help with a friend vs. guy issue!! plz help me!!?

Susan Asked: I need help with a friend vs. guy issue!! plz help me!!?

Ok i have this friend, shes in my spanish class, im a freshiee and shes a sophmore. She is VERY obese and she has glasses and stuff but shes really nice. She used to tell me how this kid is cute and stuff and she got all excited when he added her on facebook but she never said she liked him.

And so over winter break I talked to this kid the whole time every single day and we really got to know eachother and we talked about funny things and it turns out we're so alike and I really like him. And he says how nice i am and how funny i am and i say the same about him and we talked about how much we miss eachother and want to see eachother. And all of the sudden he asked me to the dance (winterball). And i really really like him and i so i said yes(he's my first date EVER, i wasnt even going to go to winterball cuz i didnt think anyone wuld ask me:(). But I DONT KNOW IF AND WHEN TO TELL ME FRIEND.
PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE HELPPPP MEEEE. And back up for responses with explanations so it helps me more. Give me any advice. Thanks <333333333


Alex Answered:
Just tell her plain and simple!
But dont sound bragger be nice
And if she is a real friend she will understand
And if she does then she isnt a true friend!! Just tell her

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