I need help can someone give me advice?

Asked: I need help can someone give me advice?

This kid whose dating a girl i have liked since freshman year in high school aggravates me i want to be him cause he has her and then i want to beat the **** out of him with a baseball bat and pretty much all i am to her is the gay friend to go shopping with but im in love with her but im way too scared to be upforward with her she probably knows but wont ever want to be with me pretty itll he where if she rejects i kill myself cause im short fat ugly and poor and this kid is all ripped and tall and she wont leave him and this kid is a freshman i feel pathetic cause she wont ever want me but i just want to **** this kid up cause i hate him with such a passion can someone help me Im fat short ugly poor a virgin never been kissed and ive never had a girl im always rejected friend zoned or a third wheel for my friends and their girlfriends everytime her and her boyfriend kiss i get two thoughts one i wanna **** him up and two i want to find a gun and blow my brains please can i get any help please and i dont want to hear let her go or find someone else cause i refuse to Im crazy about her and shes always on my mind I dont care how selfish i am letting her go isnt an option i want to able to to be the one to make her happy when shes down i want to be the one where me kissing her could make a bad day for her a better day i want to the one where she can go to bed with me grasp my waist and lay her head on my shoulder cause she wouldnt want to be anywhere else i want to be the one to truly show what shes worth and love her am if anyone understands that youd help me please!!! http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/80336496@N08/7570211668/


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