I need girl advice quick!?

Asked: I need girl advice quick!?

I know this girl has had a crush on me since grade 7 (or it least i think she has) (i'm grade 11 now) and i really like her allot. I told her over fb that i think she shouldn't be gong after douche bags and she deserves better ect…And i've asked her out on a lunch date (in person the day after) but… her double X boy friend snagged her up like a day after that ( i guess he just has better skills than me at this ) but she was still down to go on a lunch date but i really didn't want to get my *** kicked by someone 3 years older than me (the girls the same age a me) so i wasn't all that nice to her (ignoring her, or giving her minimal responses) and now it's been a month and she is single now and like 4 hours ago i texted her that i still wanted to take her out on a lunch date ect… when i was really drunk (i'm sober now) and she hasn't texted me back, and everything i've said to her has been true 100 percent and now i'm pretty much out of courage, charm, and pretty much everything else ive been stepped over by alot of girls in the pass and now so i can really relate to her… so now i pretty much need something else to say to her… whether its in person or over text (i'd rather it be in text so if she rejects me it wouldn't be so bad)


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