I need any advice please?

Asked: I need any advice please?

oook so basically i dated this girl for almost 2 years. We broke up the week before i left to school because of this big fight we got in where i said some things to her that i shouldn't have. The past 2 months however we've been talking on pretty much a regular basis. She RARELY will contact me first though. Anyways every single time we talk she tells me she loves me or misses me or wishes i was there with her bblahblah. I live about 2 hours away from her but i come home pretty often, about twice a month. Every time i come home we hangout and hookup except for this past time. We were hanging out in her car just kinda flirting each other she was just biting me and ****, dumb stuff. And i thought she wanted to kiss me.. She even was playing with my D**k half the time. And instead of kissing me she would just tease me and act like she was going to but then wouldn't. And then she just told me she just didn't want to kiss me which didn't make sense but i was like whatever. After i told her i wanted to be with her and she got all weird and said she didn't want us and that there will never be an us so i asked why she treats me like her boyfriend still and she just said "idk ill stop". She also says that the only reason she's been treating me like this is because she didn't take it seriously? I don't understand this because I'm the one that hurt her so why would she just hookup and talk to me and treat me like were still dating? Anyway Im really confused because she acts this way and then says she doesn't want to be with me so why does she talk to me like this and act like this? Any advice is appreciated icon smile I need any advice please?


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