I need advice about a guy who wants to date me?

Basil Asked: I need advice about a guy who wants to date me?

I've been hanging out – as FRIENDS – with a guy for weeks now constantly going places, like amusement parks, and casual restaurants and such. Today we went with a good friend of his and were out all day having fun. We went in his car; He drove her home and then me. Before I said goodbye for the day he asked me out on a date for later this week. I told him I was only interested in him as friends. (He kept asking why, but I just repeated myself. The truth is 1) I really do only like him as a friend and 2) I rather find a girlfriend at this time (I'm bi/polysexual).)

My question: We were planning to go to a restaurant this weekend (just us). Should I not do this? Would he think of it as 'leading him on'? The last thing I want is to give him a different impression than that of which I told him.


Matt S Answered:
tell him you are currently only interested in girls. That will definatley make him stop. You need to use your words. make it very clear if you leave any loose end he will think he has a chance. i'm a guy I know
timmer Answered:
Do him a big favor.Since you've been hanging out as friends, go ahead and go on the previously arranged dinner date this weekend.But toward the end of your meal, explain to him that as much as you like him, you'll never like him in the romantic sense and if he's looking for that type of relationship it may be better for you to stop seeing each other.It's far nicer to let him down in person in a kind and gentle way, rather than just cancelling dinner and never seeing him again.But you should set him free to find another woman who may find him more attractive than you do in the way guys care most about (sexually).
Amy Answered:
Give him a chance! It doesn't always work out when you date a girl.
He really likes you. Spend time with him. Youre leading him on if you flirt around with him that you're not really intending to date him anyways.

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