I like my ex boyfriend’s best friend. Help please?

Asked: I like my ex boyfriend’s best friend. Help please?

I'm 16 years old. Me and my ex (Dan) had been dating for 18 months, we broke up about a month ago and it wasn't until 3 nights ago that I told him that we wouldn't be getting back together. We broke up because his parents hated me, and never let me see him (all because I'm a model and apparently selling my body is the worst possible thing ever). I've been talking to his best friend (Mike) for about 2 months now, just over text and Facebook. Originally the conversation would be about Dan and what I could do to help save the relationship. Mike was just so open about things and listened so well to what I had to say and gave the best advice.. So I started to fall for him, like any girl would. I told him the other night that I liked him, he was surprised but didn't see me in the same way. Mike is far too loyal to Dan to do anything with me. So I suggested a secret relationship (deceiving, I know). He said he would give it a try and give me a chance as long as I don't tell anyone. What does he mean by a "chance"? How can I not ruin this "chance"? Any advice please? I really just don't want to ruin anything, including Mike and Dan's friendship.. Ahhhh!! HELP ME icon sad I like my ex boyfriends best friend. Help please?


It probably wont affect you as much as would their friendship.
he's giving you a chance to date him. take it, and go for it if you like him. icon smile I like my ex boyfriends best friend. Help please?
Well if u found out your bestfriend wasvseacretly going out with your ex how would u feel .
What i would do is prib keep ot a seacret till Dan gets another girlfriend

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