i have no idea what to think of this guy, hes driving me crazy?

Asked: i have no idea what to think of this guy, hes driving me crazy?

so im talking to this guy via online dating, and i know for a fact hes a real person because i went catfish on his you know, i have his fb, and weve skyped once. so yeah hes who he says he is. we have been talking for about 2 weeks, and i know thats not very long but i am pretty sure hes into me. he texts me good morning like everyday, we text a little each day and says things to lead me on like come cuddle or come over and see me. to me i think he is a player because he has a lot of girl friends on his face book, and they all playfully flirt with him, which pisses me off. if he was a player, id really like to just play the game right back, but then part of me is thinking maybe hes not a player, because his dating profile says he wants something long term. hes just very confusing to me, and ive asked him to hang out one time, and he said yeah that would be cool, and then proceeded on to say come over and give me a massage. i was like, what? i obviously want to meet in person whereever we go, but hes being so complicated. should i drop him or grow and pair and actually have to be the one to ask him out. any advice would be awesome thanks!


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