I have a question regarding my ex boyfriend, help me out please?

aperfectplaceadifferenttime Asked: I have a question regarding my ex boyfriend, help me out please?

My ex and I broke up about 9 months ago..
we agreed to stay friends, however he was the last to make contact with me and I never spoke to him afterwards.

Anyways, I changed my profile picture, I changed it to one that I had posted months before on my profile pictures and it's not a new picture by any means. I noticed that he clicked like, but I blocked him from seeing my updates so it would not have popped up on the news feed..

He is also posting statuses about how he wish he could go back and how people change. Even while we were dating he never liked any of my pictures on facebook.. so why now?

I miss what we had, and I forgive him for the break up.. but why is he liking my picture now after all this time ? It would be cool to remain friends with him, I wonder what would happen if I like his profile picture haha

I need advice, why is he liking the picture now ?


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