i got hurt at work can they fire me? i need advice?

Asked: i got hurt at work can they fire me? i need advice?

ok im a girl who loads trucks i hurt my ankle offloading and went to the hospital they said it was a bad sprain but i had to talk to my works doctor well they said just pick a dr and i did i had an appointment with an orthopedist then i talked to the woman in charge of workers comp and she said i was not allowed to go there and had to go to their urgent care dr well im freaked out by that because i wanna know whats wrong with me all she kept saying was light duty im a loader and stay on my feet and climb on trucks to load i want to go back to just get this over with not sounding weird but bills need to get paid and id rather just work through it then them control me in that sense if that makes sense can i just tell him to send me back? also today i find out they hired temp service without me even getting a date to go back or seeing a dr and they wont be using it until next Monday (tuesday today) are they trying to just get rid of me im scared i love my job plase give some advice id really appreciate it thanks


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