I feel ugly because I got rejected by an ugly girl?

Asked: I feel ugly because I got rejected by an ugly girl?

Basically, im a 17 year old guy and am very sexually frustrated. I had known this girl for a good 2 years, i had asked her to come to my house to talk about us and what was going to happen between us. I realise that wanting her for sex is horrible, but i am not confident enough to talk to pretty girls. Anyway, the night before i told her to come to my house, i sent a message to her saying that i liked her, she then started liking my pictures on facebook, and sending me loads of kisses and calling me babe, i then thought, wow.. this is kinda awkward, i think she really likes me.. which is all good, i kinda got annoyed at the fact that she was posting all of this on my wall, because im generally quite a popular guy. i'm 5ft 7'', blonde hair and blue eyes, and weigh 8 stone 12lbs, for the americans (123 pounds). I am an intelligent boy, and i realise that i am not ugly, but this has really knocked my self esteem and confidence. Back to the story, i had invited her to my house to talk, she came in and we talked about college and stuff, she then says ''i really like you, i just don't want a relationship. I was instantly thrown back, the night before it looked like she was all over me. I was speechless. I replied with, 'seriously, don't worry about it, it's all good. I'll send you a text or something tomorrow, so we can just hang out and stuff''…we hugged, and she left. Now, i just feel like I am worthless. can anyone help? and please don't tell me that treating a girl like that is wrong.. If i actually started to enjoy the relationship i would have stayed with her most likely, but I am a virgin and need that kinda stuff.


Youre not worthless or ugly. Things like this happen to everyone. You just need a confidence boost. Talk to more chicks, you'll feel better. Relax, take it easy, sometimes its a numbers game.
So uhm your a teenage boy …blonde hair and blue eyes…I'm jealous of her.
She wants sex but no strings attached…

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