I don’t like being a black gay male?

Asked: I don’t like being a black gay male?

Sometimes, I really dislike being black and gay. I live in the southern U.S., and I always see profiles on gay websites saying "white guys only." Rarely do I ever found one that doesn't say this, and it's getting to be really frustrating to me. I'm nineteen years old, in college, and I've yet to have a boyfriend. I get compliments on my looks by some guys, but it never gets anywhere. And the guys that do find black guys attractive just want to use them for sex.

I feel like if I were any race BUT black, I would get more guys wanting to date me. I see gay guys dating each other all the time, and I just want to love and be loved by someone, too. icon sad I dont like being a black gay male?

Does anyone have any advice for me? What should I do?


Why don't you move up north? There are less racist c***s up there…

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