I could use some help with heartbreak, Please!?

Asked: I could use some help with heartbreak, Please!?

Ok, so basically I've know this girl my whole life, she lives in the us and i live in england.We see each other often and go on family holidays and trips and always hang out. We have always really hit it off, we never had sex or anything but kissing and snuggling were a given (plus we were younger and sex never really seemed like a serious reality with someone who we knew might be gone for moths). Btw she is a semi pro dancer,(ballroom). Anyways it has been the longest time we ever spent apart around a year 1/2 which is really long for us,she has recently arrived around mine while she takes dance lessons here. So for the first time ever she brought her dance partner (who she met after the time we last saw each other). As it turns out they are going out, and even worse i just realised that I'm in love with her. She was the only girl i could ever really feel completely at ease with, be myself around and actually couldn't bear to be apart from her, over the last 2 decades our relationship has been kindling and it was just at this point i have realised i always loved her. It really doesn't help that the guy is mr perfect, he is bigger, stronger, harder, faster, funny, clever, tall, and really really nice (and he is actually turning into a friend).He has no idea that there was ever anything between me and her. He gets to spend every day with her and there already talking about marriage. Its killing me, i hate seeing them together, its like watching my heart get ripped out my chest. But if I'm not with them, i can't see her and thats even worse, knowing she is near and not being with her, id rather die. Its like there is an eternal battle raging inside me and whatever i do i will have no peace. And no, there is no way possible to stop them going out and try to start dating her, I'm shure that if not already they are in love. It is the worst pain i have ever experienced and i know that once they leave i will miss her forever and i will still have no peace, it will kill me knowing he gets to spend every day with her while i sit in love alone. And i am worried that i will never find love like this again.
I know there is no real answer to this but any advice whatsoever, or just… anythingplease


Whenever i have heartbreak i eat a high carb diet and smoke many fags in order to feel recovered. Also try carrots and mashed potatoes.
eat chocolate..
Talk to someone! Like your parents!
it's gonna suck but you should be happy for her and her new Boyfriend. She never intended to hurt you in anyway. Things happen and yu can't control it. heartbreak will suck. Try to get your mind of it, hang with some friends, watch some tv, exersise, etc. Maybe even go that "write the letter espressing your feelings then shred it" trick. OR tell how you truly feel. I'm sure she'd be truly flattered to hear what you have to say. Best of Luck!

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