I am obsessed with getting married, any advice?

Asked: I am obsessed with getting married, any advice?

I'm still young and theres plenty of time, I know this. I also know that "guys can smell desperation from a mile away" and that "marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be." But it doesn't change the way I feel. All my family is married, and ALL of my friends are married, so I feel left out and sad. They all have families and a life. I know most people would argue that since I'm getting my degree it's the other way around but I just frankly feel like **** about it. I try to distract myself by working on my degree (law) and holding a part time job with training horses as my hobby but it doesn't seem to help…it's like a nagging feeling inside of me and it wont go away. I'm not trying to push anyone into anything as I'm single but I don't want to date just to "see where it goes" I'm so tired of people messing around. What do you think, am I crazy?


you will get married one day!! enjoy your young days while you cn marriage can also be very stressful
single life its a lot better
just chill and dont rush into anything. 10 years down the line of marriage you'll probably say why the fu*k did i get married..maybe not… but just take your life slow especially if your young
The only real advice I have for you is don't get pregnant and try to trap a guy. This almost never works, and even if for some reason it did, couples are never happy. Just keep your pants on for now, and some guy come around when its your time.

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