Hypnotic Seduction! How To Date More Women & Keep The One You Want!

www.johnfarleylive.com The live hypnosis seminar showing you how to date more women and keep the one you want! Instead of Being a Player, Be a Lifestyle Artist! "Hypnotic Seduction is what's missing in our society. Yes, you'll be able to pick up women easily, but much more importantly, you'll overcome fear. You'll embrace your maleness that society has suppressed and brainwashed out of you." John Farley, Jr., PsyD, MA, CH Have you ever been confused by a woman? Have you ever spent money to the point it hurt and got nothing in return? Have you ever invested so much time on a dead-end girl that you wanted to kick yourself? Did you ever lose sleep over a girl? Did you ever feel depressed, anxious or angry for more than a day or two – okay, one month – over a woman? Have you been frustrated at your lack of real success with women? Perhaps you've dated lots of women, but been dumped more times than you've dumped them. If so, I have a program for you. John and Ali Brown of ABC's Secret Millionaire Dear Friend Imagine Dating Beautiful Women And Having The Power To Attract Women Without Saying A Word? It's no secret that women find a confident, powerful man IRRESISTIBLE! This is the confidence and power that will be yours when you attend "Hypnotic Seduction," the groundbreaking new seminar event that will have you understanding women, gaining confidence and becoming a more powerful man, all through the power of hypnosis and subconscious communication. This exciting, 2-day seminar <b>…</b>

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