Husband Tag bloopers -July 28, 2012 I naturesknockoutTV

Husband TAG! Last vlog: (Future Justin Bieber) FIRST channel: chirp chirp lets tweeeet! Original chart idea: Hi! I'm Tiff. a t-ball momma, who scrapes crusty cheerios off the floor all day& dreams of driving a mini van… I have a HOT husband who all the ladies love to watch for their daily dose of eye candy… come along and enjoy our CRAZY, fun, RANDOM, happy, sad, choatic vlogs! PS- Check out my first channel & thanks for stoppin by!! icon smile Husband Tag bloopers  July 28, 2012 I naturesknockoutTV Moms channel! although I am passionate about natural/organic health & beauty..please know, Im not a doctor, if you need medical advice for ANY reason, seek you doctor! husband tag, boyfriend tag, how I met my husband, proposal story, falling in love, dating, questions, TAG, cloth daipers, cloth wipes, natural blogging, organic makeup, reading labels, toxic ingredients, natural living, organic lifestyle, toxic makeup ingredients, auto immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, happy family, healthy, naturesknockoutTV, naturesknockout, channing

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