How To Talk To And Date Models

Demonstrate Authority In Her World
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Let’s say you meet a fashion model and she’s acting acting arrogant towards you. If you believe it’s her model status that is at the foundation of the snobbish behavior then it’s incumbent upon you to know something about the industry that is supposed to intimidate or impress you. I’ll explain why shortly.

Along with knowledge of her world it’s important that you begin working on your limiting beliefs right now! True confidence and insecurity will show through your body language and tone, regardless of your words.

The easiest way to fix this is to realize your own potential for greatness as opposed to trying to work on your body language and vocal tone piece by piece.

Beliefs You Must Adopt:

1. There is no such thing as failure only learning experiences.
2. Anything that one man can do can be modeled and duplicated by any other normal man.
3. Persistence outweighs talent.
4. People don’t get rejected only their approach does. It’s not personal.
5. I create my own feelings based on the interpretations of events that I choose.
6. I will only interpret events in ways that empower me from now on.
7. I have high standards and I quickly make sure people meet those standards before I allow them in my life

Now, back to attracting models. You’re frame when talking to a model is that you’re the type of guy that should and does date models, hangs out with models, and you know the industry. Now you want to see how much of a model she really is and if she has anything going on besides her looks. In other words, if she’s qualified to be in your life.

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Here’s a sample dialogue I’m borrowing from my friend Asian Rake:

Model: I’m a model (expecting him to be intimidated)

(Actually, she’s trying to impress him. This is an indicator of interest so reward her for it.)

Him: Yeah, you’ve got a great look (said nonchalantly with genuine appreciation). My ex girlfriend worked with Elite in Hong Kong (nonchalantly). Do you do mostly print or runway?

Model: (Looking surprise you’re not worshipping her yet) I do a bit of both..(pause.. hold the tension).. but mainly print these days.

Him: (nodding approval) “Hmm.. photographic is very competitive these days.

Model: (with a smile) Yeah, I just finished an all day shoot. I’ve been standing all day.

Him: You need a drink, girl! Cheers to that.

More questions you can ask if she still hasn’t opened up:

Are you exclusive or freelance? (if she’s exclusive she’ll give you the name of her company)

Do you do much testing? (this is what wannabes and newer models do. If she’s done some she may tell you the magazines she’s tested for. If it’s a prestigious magazine you can comment on that.)

How many castings are you getting in an average week? (If she gets 2 or 3 that’s good! Reward her with a little touch on the elbow and tell her her agency booker must really like her)

Are you thinking about moving into acting? (She’ll like this question)

These questions were adapted from Leil Lowndes’s book “How To Talk To Anyone”. Get it.

Here’s the MODEL CONVERSATION script directly from the book:

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Fashion Models
“Yes, you have a great look.”

1. Do you do mostly print or runway?
a. Print→Photographic or print is very competitive.
b. Runway→It takes talent to twirl on runways.
c. Showroom→”What are your special tricks for staying cheerful during long hours showing clothes to buyers?”

2. Are you exclusive or freelance?
a. Exclusive→”Which agency are you signed with?”

3. Do you do much testing?
a. For wannabes and newer models

4. Have you done any editorial?
a. Editorial→Most prestigious fashion shoots
b. Catalog or advertising→What pays the bills

5. How many go-sees/look-sees/castings do you have in an average week?
a. Low→Express admiration that she doesn’t have to go running around to get work.
b. High→Express admiration that her agency booker must really like her.

6. Do you plan to move into acting?

7. Do you have your head shot or composite with you?
a. “Nice commercial shot, but it doesn’t capture your tremendous presence.”

WARNING: Do NOT throw these questions out one after another. Transition them into your conversations with models naturally.. Actually be curious about the things you ask, be positive, be persistent, have fun, and see what you can learn.

Of course, all of these things must be combined with the Inner-Game, Lifestyle Design, Techniques, and Style Tips you’ll find in my ebook, Get The Girl. Click HERE to learn more

David Gideon

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