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Go To: Would you believe it if I told you that in the last 4 years, I've received over 5745 e-mails from women, got 4234 of them to give me their phone number — and went on a total of 398 dates with them as a result? If you find that hard to believe, I don't blame you. Even I find it hard to believe sometimes — except that it really DID happen to me. And not because I'm good-looking, rich, sexy, or drive a fancy car either… In fact, I'm just your average single guy with an average physical appearance. But I was lucky enough to discover a scientifically validated approach to attracting women online — and it works every time! Go To: Did you know the ratio of men to women at most online dating sites is heavily tilted in women's favor? As I've mentioned before, my name is Dave M. (yes, that's really my name). People in the online dating circles often call me the "Don Juan of Online Dating" You might have heard my interview with David DeAngelo From DoubleYourDating for his "Interviews With Dating Gurus" Monthly CD Series — My very first presentation on Insider Internet Dating… People are still buzzing about that presentation to this day. I still receive comments about it all the time. Go To: … Or you might have seen me speak at one of several dating seminars such as: DoubleYourDating – Meeting Women Online DoubleYourDating – Advanced Series Cliff's Seduction Seminar Or maybe you've seen me on ABC PRIMETIME, in Vanity Fair Magazine <b>…</b>

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