How to i regain my girlfriends trust?

Asked: How to i regain my girlfriends trust?

First I'll start by saying I'm not perfect, I would like honest answers but if your here to flame me please save your time. I need help regaining my girlfriends trust and fixing things.
We have been together for over a year and a half, I met her after coming out of a miserable relationship and it felt like she was heaven sent. At first we were dating and I did have other girls, but she quickly became the only one I was interested in. Everything I've ever been looking for in woman both physically and emotionally. We clicked right away and became both lovers and best friends. The next year was amazing, taking trips, getting to know and enjoying each other. In the interest of full disclosure there were some bumps. I went on vacation with friends when I came back she found a SEALED condom in my pocket (my friend bought a box handed them out one night,,, forgot it was there) (stupid), and other things that might make a girl suspicious but I DONT cheat. Anyway several months ago she became pregnant although at first she wanted the baby and i was reluctant, but within several days I was warmed to the idea and became excited but she ultimately came around to agree that it wasn't that right time. That's when things changed,, although we were still together there felt to be a growing distance between us. We still loved each other but things were just different. Eventually i reconnected with an old college friend (Female) purely platonic, from a different state through the internet. We began to text, catch up and rekindle a friendship.Again not sexual, I just never told her I had a girlfriend (stupid i know). Long story short my Girlfriend saw her text me one night and called her. Friend told Girlfriend that we are only friends, she is from a different state and we haven't seen each other in years but…..I never told her I was seeing anyone. Now my girlfriend is hurt angry and doesn't trust me which I completely understand. Right before this all happened we were talking about where has this disconnect between us come from and how to fix it. Does anyone have any advice how I can begin to clean up the mess I've made? With the distance between us the last 3 months and then this she is saying maybe its best if we just go our ways. Its funny how it takes the fear of losing something to see just how important it really is. I really do love her, and i know she loves me too. She has just been in past relationships with cheating guys and has no interest in doing that again. I just want a chance to fix things between us and I'll never let a day go by with out letting her know how i feel about her.


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