How to get a senior to really like you when you’re a freshman? (high school)?

Asked: How to get a senior to really like you when you’re a freshman? (high school)?

Hi everyone. I'm Bella and I am a freshman in high school with a major crush on a senior, whose name is Bobby. So about 3 weeks ago, I was at the mall with my friends and one of my friends who was a freshman too, saw Bobby so they said hi. ( i didn't know his name was Bobby yet, I had never seen him in school) so Bobby and I started talking and he asked for my number. I gave it to him and
we started talking. He's like "we should chill sometime" and I said "you wouldn't mind chilling with a freshman?" and he's like "not such a cute one… icon wink How to get a senior to really like you when youre a freshman? (high school)? " and so we have just been friendly talking for awhile. So a few days ago he asks me if I wanna go to chipotle with him. (a casual restaurant
nearby) so I tell my parents I'm staying after school to work on a project because if they knew I was
going someone alone with a senior in his car, they would kill me. So Bobby and I go to chipotle . I was so nervous because I thought he might rape me!! But he didn't. We were just talking as friends
do and we got to know each other alot more. So I really like this guy, he's so sweet and nice. And cute!!!
So today he and I went to red bank (town in new jersey with alot of stores and places to eat)
together and walked around. We went to surf taco, a cool Mexican restaurant, and he payed for me too. We talked and talked and we lost track of time . But we did alot of fun stuff together and createdgood memories. So towards the end of our day together, we went to the river where it was nice and serene and peaceful. We sat down on a bench together and we talked.(he kept complaining
because he was so cold) Eventually, he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. He's like "so you don't mind texting a senior… Now would you mind making out with one?" and I said "notat all' and we did a slow, passionate make out. It was amazing . We went up for air like twice and
then we stopped. He was like "I just got ten times warmer" .But that was insane, the world froze.. It was perfect.. Sitting right in front of the river.
But then we had to leave and he dropped me home.
We didn't kiss again thou.. And we aren't dating..
But how do I make sure this guy does really like me?
How I do I make him really like me as much as I like him?
Any advice or comments at all?
Thanks so much guys!! Xoxo

(btw this guys is no where close to a pervert)


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