Style And Seduction

jt1 225x300 Style And Seduction

Every man needs a good leather jacket. You can dress it up or down and it always looks good. I don’t know what kind of collar this is, but it’s cool.

dbeckham 200x300 Style And Seduction

Make sure you’re suit is a tailored fit like the one Beckham is wearing. If it’s not take it to a tailor and have the waist brought in. The sleeves should be short enough to show a quarter-inch of cuff, no more no less. Most guys wear their suits too big and it looks lame.

hat 225x300 Style And Seduction

If you like hats skip the baseball caps and go for something classic like this. You might think buying a $100 pair of jeans like these is crazy, but women WILL notice.. trust me, it’s worth the investment. A nice vest and a slim fit shirt rounds out this look nicely.

pitt 185x300 Style And Seduction

Once again, the classic hat. And no, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to pull this look off.. that’s just overkill. As it starts to get a little chilly outside go without the jacket and instead try a sweater and a nice scarf. Scarves make anything look cool.

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