How to Draw a Barn House

Welcome back to another drawing tutorial everyone! This time let's take a look at how to draw a barn house! Other Places to Find my Art Website: Facebook Twitter: Google+: Deviant: How to Draw a Barn House This drawing I started off with just some light sketch lines for general placement of different trees and hills in the background and then placed in the barn. I used some photo reference to give myself a hand while drawing this but I usually will put my own twist on the drawing to turn it into my own style of drawing. I started off with the barn and I quickly realized that I would need a ruler for the straight lines. I am usually pretty good with drawing landscapes but when it comes to drawing a straight line, I need to break out the ruler. I used 2 point perspective to draw the barn. I had the foundation of the barn resting on the horizon and then I had 2 dots to the left and to the right of the barn. The closer the dots are together, the more extreme angles you will get with the barn. So I put those lines pretty far back on the page so that I would just only get a slight angle on the barn. After the barn had its rough sketch lines in, I started to work on other aspects of the landscape like the sky. I used mainly a 4B pencil for the shading and used a blending stump to smooth it all out making sure not to cover all the sky because I want to leave some white for the clouds <b>…</b>

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