How to break up with him?

Asked: How to break up with him?

I have been dating a guy I work with for about 2 months. He is one of the most genuinely nicest guys I've ever met in my whole life. We are both quite and shy people and when we are on dates we have awkward silent moments. When I am at work I dread seeing him, because its awkward. I thought the awkwardness would go but we have been on quiet a few dates and its still the same. Things between us are going very slow, and I'm starting to feel that there isn't any chemistry between is. I have decided I want to stop seeing him, but I do want to be friends with him, and don't want things to be awkward between us as we work togrether. We are going out tonight for a meal. Any advice on what to say to him?


It's always going to hurt, no matter how you put it. But it will hurt him more if you stay with him and are not in to the relationship. Just be gentle and tell him he's a great guy but you don't feel chemistry. It's hard, and he's not going to like you.. but he should understand if he is a decent guy that you need to be happy too.
Be honest. Tell him that you think there is no chemistry. Simple
"I think we need some time apart" or "You're a really great guy but I just need some time to think about you" or just say you need some "me" time
Yes, the both of you will need to go bowling together, go to the beach, skating, play basketball, play card games, etc….just do fun game activities together that will cause the both of you to loosen up, laugh, talk, have fun, and eat later!!! icon smile How to break up with him? Avoid going to movies and just having a dinner night. The both of you need to have fun.

Now, if you really want to get rid of him, just stop going out with him.

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